Live or ‘on demand’:

E-learning ‘on demand’

  • We can record an e-learning on demand, or we can record a live broadcast and transform it into an on demand e-learning afterward

Live broadcast

  • HCP can follow the live broadcast
    • Together (on location (hospital, restaurant,…)) à on each location, reps/MSLs/… from the sponsoring company/association/… can be present for an extra point of contact with their target group (HCP following the e-learning)
    • Individually (from home, from the office,…) à still, if HCP follow the e-learning individually, the sponsor has the possibility to invite some KOLs to follow the broadcast together in a green room
    • Interaction
      • Interaction between panel and HCP who follow the live broadcast
      • No interaction
    • Live technical support during the broadcast


  • Our e-learning platform meets the requirements of the RIZIV/INAMI to apply for accreditation
  • Can be requested (for the live broadcast as well as for the on demand e-learning) by us, if the content meets local regulation

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