Communication B2B

Artsenkrant / Le Journal du médecin

Every week the Artsenkrant offers you the most important up-to-date news, the most recent trends and novelties from the medical world, and for your free time the crème de la crème of film, theatre and exhibitions in our Cultuur+ section.

de Apotheker / le Pharmacien

This independent monthly magazine aimed exclusively at retail and hospital pharmacists. Background on current affairs is interspersed with interviews, opinion pieces, tailored information for the pharmacist as an entrepreneur, and a large theme dossier on a health aspect.


Belgian Oncology & Hematology News (BOhN) is the pre-eminent magazine about oncological and haematological scientific current events.


This quarterly magazine realised by the editors of Artsenkrant/Le journal du Médecin reports on many trends in the hospital sector via exclusive questionnaires and well-filled thematic dossiers.

Communication B2C


Because we are part of the Roularta Media Group, we can also focus on patients/consumers who are dealing with healthcare themes and products.